Founded by Pennsylia Chetty in 1954, the original company name being International Petroleum, buyers in the industry came to respect procurement of the right volume, price and strength of transaction.

Through diligence, dedication and building a name for reliability, International Petroleum held a prominent standing in the oil industry for over 50 years. Being based in South Africa during the Cold War era, before and beyond, International Petroleum was positioned in a naturally neutral country, setting a platform to facilitate large transactions between the USA, Europe and oil producing countries.

In recent years International Petroleum became Astra International Petroleum Alliance LLC. Pennsylia Chetty`s son, Dr Govind Chetty, who had been active in the business with his father for 16 years, was highly capable of heading up the operation when the founder retired.

Functioning as a Direct Sales / Front Buying company Astra has been proud to serve; 

  • Airline majors principally in the USA and Europe, but also in other parts of the world
  • Large petrochemical trading groups
  • Oil majors
  • Government departments
  • The military
  • Prominent long standing clients

Astra International Petroleum LLC carries out transparent transactions for its high profile clients adding value as follows;

  • Sourcing from reliable refineries and allocation holders
  • Diligence in screening and selection of suppliers / refineries
  • Sound processing of documentation, procedures and banking steps
  • Careful monitoring of transactions from inception to final delivery and full conclusion